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The SIAD 10 YEAR PROGRAM GOALS (2000-2010)

Farming families in identified resource areas are able to mainstream Nature Farming Technology System (NFTS) and gender justice and equity as the backbone of rural development and Barangay governance.

The TACDRUP assisted farming families are able to:

· Establish Sustainable Agriculture/Nature Farming Technology System (NFTS) demonstration farms and farmer-to farmer resource facilities in strategic locations within the Resource Areas identified in Davao City, Davao del Sur, North Cotabato;

· Establish cash crops and agro-forestry commodity farm productive systems that form the critical NFTS terminals around Mt. Apo and Liguasan Eco-system;

· Establish women-led demo and livelihood projects as income sources    for women;
· Build farmer and    gender representation in the Barangay Development Councils (BDCs) of each Barangay; and
· Organize primary    organizations of NFTS and coops at the purok and Barangay levels.

In addition TACDRUP adopted a framework used by the Philippine Community Organizer’s Society (PHILCOS) that is called COCOBREAD. The acronym stands for:

C – Collective, critical, creative Consciousness raising O – Organizational development and leadership formation C – Coalition efforts and advocacy work O – Overcoming gender and other biases S – Spiritual and cultural sensitivity (a TACDRUP addition)B – Basic Services and infrastructure R – Resource tenure improvement E – Economic self reliance strengthening A – Agricultural development and ecological nurturance D – Democratic participation in governance

Brief Description of the SIAD Areas:

The TACDRUP-SIAD is facilitating Development Interventions to around 6,000 households in 3 SIAD areas

The identification of the SIAD areas are the following: critical water system; poverty condition, food security base, environmental and bio-diversity significance and the presence of tri-people particularly the IP's.

1. The DAVAO CITY SIAD is situated within the eastern slopes of Mt. Apo geographically shared by Davao City and Davao del Sur and bounded by the Talomo –Lipadas – Sibulan river systems. These are the watershed and the recharge areas of Davao City aquifers supplying 97% of potable water requirements of Davao City and its growing population. The area is the fruit basket of Davao City. Generally, its highland areas are the home of the Bagobo tribe.

2. The DAVAO DEL SUR SIAD is situated in the southern slopes of Mt. Apo while the other side is within the portion of Mt. Matutum range. These are bounded by Mal-Bulatukan-Balutakay-Goma rivers systems. These four (4) rivers supply the irrigation requirements of around 8,000 hectares of rice area making it as one important food base of southern Mindanao. The upland portion also serves as the watershed recharge areas for the Digos City (capital town of the province) aquifer the source of potable water requirements of the City. The Mt. Matutum portion of the program area are home to Bilaan tribe while the Mt. Apo side is home of the Bagobo tribe.

3. The NORTH COTABATO SIAD is situated in the Liguasan Marsh basin of greater Cotabato. The marsh itself is the main food protein resource area of the local inhabitants particularly the Maguindanaonon Muslim. Its surroundings are the vast rice areas considered as the rice bowl of the country. It also considered as one major flash point for hostilities between government and the Muslim rebellion.

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TACRUP Gender & Development cuts across all the programs and activities of the organization. This is to ensure Equality of Opportunity & Equity of Outcomes. It mainly works with the men, women and farming families in the communities. Its priority areas are:

Women's Participation

Increasing women s participation in decision making and in governance is one way of attaining the goal of Equity and Equality. TACDRUP encourages women to be active and to take an equal participation on the political processes. This entails building women s capability and capacity on leadership, governance and decision making.

Elimination of Gender Based Violence

TACDRUP promotes a society and family free from gender based violence. Advocacy on Violence Against Women would eventually lead to change on the attitudes towards respecting others and oneself and to women s awareness on their rights. It is believed that a family and a society free from violence can easily attain development.

Economic Empowerment of Women

This is with the hope of increasing women s access to and control over income. This involves strengthening women s economic capacity by providing women economic opportunities and making them entrepreneurs.

Among the activities of the TACDRUP Gender and Development are:

Establishment of Gender Infrastructure both at the organization and at the grassroots level they are responsible on Mainstreaming Gender both at the organization and at the community level like on the conduct of Gender Analysis and Gender Planning

Networking & Linking with other organizations active on GAD cooperation, learning and sharing with other organizations on Gender & Development for policy practice change


Networking & Linking

This refers to cooperation, learning and sharing with other organizations on Gender and Development for policy practice change.

One of the activities conducted at present under the networking and linking are sharing of Nature Farming Technology System particularly on livestock to women networks. The Technology can be a potential livelihood project of women.

There were already at least fourteen (14) organizations within Mindanao Region with Gender and Development component attended the Nature Farming Technology System Seminar conducted by TACDRUP.

TACDRUP also established networks with other Non-Government Organizations all over Mindanao on the Advocacy on Violence Against Women.

Economic Empowerment

This component provides women economic opportunity. It strives to strengthen women s economic capacity and then later become entrepreneurs themselves. It hopes to increase women s access and control over income.

One of the economic opportunities provided by TACDRUP to its women partners in the community is the women lead enterprise project on muscovado sugar processing. TACDRUP also provide marketing assistance to the muscovado sugar by looking for its market. Another activities TACDRUP provided which may help women in terms of uplifting their economic status are the swine dispersal and the egg laying chicken dispersal.

Advocacy on Violence Against Women

After attending Trainers Training on Community Based Seminar on Violence Against Women, TACDRUP has been active presently on advocating violence free society, community and family as one way of attaining true development and gender equality. TACDRUP at present had conducted seminars on Violence Against Women to its farmer leaders in its partner communities in Davao City, Davao del Sur and North Cotabato. TACDRUP had also identified local gender advocates who will then conduct training and / or advocate on Violence Against Women to their respective communities. A trainers training for this local gender advocates will be conducted.

The purpose of this advocacy is to eventually change the old beliefs of most of the people in the community that discriminate women and to influence local decision makers in the community to formulate gender responsive and sensitive provisions, ordinances and plans.

Women Participation

TACDRUP Gender Policy encourages 50 / 50 men and women participation in all the activities in the organization and in the communities. To increase women participation in the productive and community activities most particularly on the decision making and on the managerial aspect is its objective. Thus TACDRUP organize, supported and strengthened women s organizations, provide women opportunities to develop its skills and capabilities through a conduct of training and seminars that encourages women s participation like seminar on farming technology particularly Nature Farming, Livestock Raising seminars, Gender training and others.

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Light at the Tunnel's End:

Nature Farming Technology Systems (NFTS)

1. NFTS encourages farmers to manufacture their own farm inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides and feeds to invigorate crops and livestock.

2. The elimination of the culture of dependence among farmers, the revival of the "bayanihan spirit" and the motivation for them to come up with creative ways towards total self-reliance and confidence.

3. NFTS helps promote better health for mankind because of the absence of chemicals in food. The technology also teaches farmers on how to process their own medicines extracted from common spices and herbs.

4. Empowers women in the household in raising livestock that does not require too much time and effort, does not stink, make much noise and only require a minimal amount for feeding. Grasses from the field can be introduced as feeds and livestock wastes can be used as fertilizer.

5. NFTS can also help in improving the country's economy by lessening importation of chemical farm inputs and prepares the farmers to be globally compettitive upon the implementation of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades) in 2004.

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Over the years, TACDRUP-SIAD has gained expertise in the practice of Nature Farming Technology System (NFTS). NFTS has in a way perfected the practice of zero-chemical farming with strong livestock components. TACDRUP strongly believes that livestock raising be the main function of Women in the household since it requires lesser labor and entails low input with high return. NFTS is also positioned as a GATT preparedness enhancement technology for the Philippine agriculture sector.

In line with the Technology, TACDRUP has set up the Nature Farming Technology Center in Brgy. Inawayan, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur in July 2001. The Center has a 2.3 hectare farm area for crop and livestock demo, 2 dormitories, a conference hall, kitchen and Audio-visual facilities. Our dormitories can accommodate 20 men and 20 women-participants at a time. The center is a venue for research and trials on the application and adaptability of the technology both in the center and in the farmer levels. Knowledge gained from the field trials becomes the major input to the technology-transfer training.

The TACDRUP Nature Farming Technology Center has conducted at least 24 NFTS technology transfer trainings to farmer leaders, development workers from government and NGO's, private entrepreneurs. The Center also receives regular visitors from various sectors.

The Center offers the following courses:

Nature Farming Technology System (NFTS) 
Crops & Livestock		-    				Duration: 4 days 
NFTS on Rice			-	 				Duration: 2 days 
NFTS on Swine Production	-  	    Duration: 1 day
NFTS on Poultry Production	-        Duration: 1 day 
Awareness on VAW	-	                Duration: 3 days 
Gender Sensitivity Training	-	     Duration: 2 days 

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In our aim to help the small farmers to market their products we are introducing to you a 100% natural 
chemical - free sugar. This is an alternative to the usual sugar that you’ve been using and is very affordable.

Laboratory tests were conducted in order to show the Vitamins and 
Minerals that we can get from muscovado. In the TACDRUP Program, 
It is used as ingredient for the fermentation of herbal medicines 

Nutritional facts

Calories as food energy value:	 382 
Potasssium:			0.12 % 
Carbohydrates:	 	94.6 % 
Sulfur:    				0.46% 
Calcium:				0.18 % 
Iron:						70    ppm 
Chloride:				 0.89 %
Phosphorous:	    771 ppm
Magnesium:			 0.08 % 
Sodium:			    270 ppm 

Products available soon!!

- These are the upland and lowland rice 
- Brown ( unpolished ) 
- White rice ( polished) 
· Eggs 
· Meat 

(for orders / reservations pls. contact TACDRUP)

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The TACDRUP Nature Farming Technology Center provides different demonstrations on Nature Farming Technology System for the partner farmers in the communities and for other interested individuals and institutions. Among the demonstrations available in the Technology Center are the demonstrations on swine raising, egg production and FAITH Gardening. Training on different formulations (indigenous micro-organisms) used in nature farming are included. The center is located at Panas, Inawayan, Santa Cruz, Davao del Sur. It also accommodates different training on Nature Farming , Gender and others for TACDRUP’s staff , Partner People’s Organizations and for other interested organizations.


Nature Farming Technology System (NFTS)

 Crops & Livestock   				 - 	Duration: 4 days
 NFTS on Rice						 - 	Duration: 2 days
 NFTS on Swine Production    - 	Duration: 1 day
 NFTS on Poultry Production	  -	 Duration: 1 day 
Awareness on VAW				 -	Duration: 3 days 
Gender Sensitivity Training      -	 Duration: 2 days 


Training Hall
Kitchen & Mess Hall
Male & Female Dormitories
(20 Persons per Dormitory Only)
Demo Farm
(Crops & Livestock)
Audio & Video Equipment
Potable Water System

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