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Mindanao Peace Advocates' Conference

TACDRUP is continually in the forefront of influencing local and national development processes by forging partnerships with different development stakeholders in Mindanao. This effort is anchored on the belief that local initiatives should get all the support from all levels of governance specially in the form of appropriate policies. The organization regularly provides venue for different sectors to articulate issues and concerns, share experiences and learn from each other by organizing occasional lectures and roundtable discussions. TACDRUP is also in the process if facilitating the establishments of a networking, lobby and advocacy institute that will serve clients from the different sectors of Mindanao in Southern Philippines.The Three-Year Program Framework Training, Education and Conference Management Training, Education and Conference Management · Development and conduct of education and training programs for NGO workers and members of people’s organizations; · Building community-based capacities in effective governance and advocacy work; · Enhancing people's organizations capabilities for effective engagement with other sectors through training and education; Research, Information and Communications · Establishing appropriate mechanisms that will advance the advocacy agenda for Mindanao; · Strengthening and enhancing the effectivity of networks popularizing the Mindanao agenda; · Strengthening people's organizations, and other Mindanao-wide institutions and provide venues to broaden their democratic participation in governance; · Optimizing opportunities for the NGOs and people's participation in decision making bodies; Advocacy Networking And Partnership Building · Provide opportunities for staff development training and exposure programs; · Documentation of TACDRUP's pioneering efforts in advocacy, networking and governance program in Mindanao; · Development and implementation of strategic plans and programs; · Institutionalize program assessment and evaluation.

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Citizens Movement for a Federal Philippines


A Federal Republic of the Philippines, guided by the principles of subsidiarity, mutual respect, and sustainability, institutionalizing participation of local populations and communities in pursuing their development according to their particular competencies, culture, and natural resources, and in the process build a socially just, inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable Philippine society.


To build, promote, and expand an inclusive, citizens-led, national movement of individuals and organizations committed to the establishment of a Federal Republic of the Philippines through constitutional and active non-violent means.

Strategic Objectives

(1) By 2010, the Federal Republic of the Philippines should have been established; (2) By 2004, at least a million card-bearing members have been recruited; and (3) If a CONCON election is held in 2004, at least 40% of the elected Constitutional Convention delegates are committed to federalism;

Major Programs

Major Programs include (a) Legislative Advocacy for CONCON Election in 2004 and enhancement of the 1991 Local Government Code; (b) Citizens Education Program through symposia, seminar-workshops and Conferences and dissemination of popular educational materials on Federalism; and (c) Network Building and Organizational Strengthening among various sectors and in all congressional districts in the 16 regions of the country.


Having started in Mindanao just two years ago, the movement is now organized in practically all regions in Luzon and Visayas. Expansion is continuing non-stop.

A National Steering Committee is managing the movement assisted by a Resource and Advisory Pool of prominent citizens led by DR. JOSE V. ABUEVA, president of Kalayaan College.

REY MAGNO TEVES, secretary-general of KUSOG MINDANAW and CMFP National Convenor and Chair oversees operations through CMFP secretary-general SOCRATES BANZUELA, president of Philippine Community Organizers’ Society (PHILCOS).

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Kusog Mindanaw operates more as forum for unity rather than a formal organization. It is a gathering of peers, more specifically of key leaders and officers of major Mindanao-wide sectoral federations or coalitions.

Kusog Mindanaw is a mechanism for consensus-building among Mindanawons through their major organizations, such as; Mindanao Business Council (MBC), the Mindanao Lawmakers Association (MLA), the confederation of Mindanao Governors and City Mayors (CONFED), the Mindanao Municipal Mayor's Movement, the Mindanao Coalition of Development NGO Networks (MINCODE), the Mindanao Peace Advocate's Conference (MPAC), the Mindanao CBCP/NCCP/Ulama League, Mindanao Academe, Mindanao Cooperatives and other Mindanao-wide PO Federations.

Kusog Mindanaw meets as Roundtable Conference and conducts roundtable discussions - the better to elicit and consolidate various sectoral views in order to arrive at a minimum consensus on basic Mindanao concerns.

It proceeds on the basis and is guided by the spirit and principle of UNITY IN DIVERSITY: It seeks to hightlight points of unity rather than items of disagreement.

Proceeding from Minimum Consensus among Mindanaoans, Kusog Mindanaw aspires to build the Critical mass that will undertake Concerted Action that can secure for Mindanao its just due in terms of political parity and economic equity, and the more basic concerns for genuine autonomy and self-determination, and equitable development for all Mindanawons - Muslims, Lumads, Christians and other settlers.

Kusog Mindanaw was born out of muli-sectoral roundtable conference of Mindanao leaders on October 28-30, 1994 in Davao City. Since then, nine other roundtable conferences on various Mindanao peace and development issues have been conducted. The conferences were catalyzed and facilitated by the Technical Assistance Center for the Development of Rural and Urban Poor (TACDRUP) - a regional NGO, the Mindanao Congress of Development NGOs (MINCON) - a Mindanao network and the Peace Advocates' Conference (MPAC) - a consortium of peace organizations.

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