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(Done on    the occassion of the 1st National Conference and Launching.
 February 21-22, 2003 at the Riverbend Hotel, Marikina City)

Disturbed by the increasing misery by the millions of Filipinos in the countryside that forces massive migration of the poor to urban areas and foreign lands.
Deeply shocked and angered by the ongoing brutality on innocent people, especially children, women and other vulnerable groups brought about by the ongoing war in Mindanao.
Appalled by the corruption in the different levels of bureaucracy and the massive apathy of the majority of our people.
Fed up with the unresponsive and highly centralized fragmented and ineffective unitary presidential system that continuously breed never ending national economic and political and social problems.
Fully convinced that a modern and functional federal-parliamentary system and the form of our electoral process and political parties, will:

Aware that a Constitutional Convention is the most practical, less divisive, more participatory, trustworthy, and transparent process of amending the 1987 Constitution,

Understanding the possibility of another strong anti-charter change movement to take prominence if the Constituent assembly is pursued by Congress undermining in the process, advances made for constitutional reform

We the members of the Citizens' Movement for a Federal Philippines, coming from all regions and various sectors of the country, hereby call on the House of Representatives to reconsider their position for a constituent assembly and instead join the senate for a constitutional convention to amend the constitution.

We further call on the citizens to actively participate in the ongoing debate on constitutional reform and to make their voices heard

Done on the 22nd day of February 2003, at the Riverbend Hotel, Marikina City, at the occasion of the launching of the Citizens' Movement for a Federal Philippines